Star Micronics: SP742 USB
Star Micronics: SP742 USB (airport express & USB cable not included but available as an option)
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Star Micronics: SP742 USB

Star Micronics: SP742 USB
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Interface Card
USB Card
Gray (Dark Gray)
Extended Warranty
Swap-A-Star: 3 Year Option (+$50.00)
Extend-A-Star: 3 Year Option (+$25.00)
Apple® AirPort Express (+$99.00)
USB Cable (+$15.00)
Wall Mount Bracket (+$30.00)
Vertical Stand Kit (+$30.00)
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Make sure to select the correct printer the first time.  There are many websites that offer the same printer model at what looks to be a cheaper price, however please note this same model can be configured 20 different ways which will greatly impact the price.  Zephyr Hardware simplifies this for our customers by only offering the printers that will work with your iPad point of sale at a great price.

Add an impact printer to your business where heat and harsh environments are a concern.  Impact printers are known for being robust and durable, they are similar to a typewriter where a print head is striking a ribbon which impacts and transfers the ink onto the paper.  As a result, ink and bond paper is needed.

Make your iPad point of sale printers wireless with the USB interface card.  In order to utilize the USB interface card the printer will need to be plugged into an airport express with a USB cable (airport express & USB cable not included but available above as an option).

The SP700 impact printer is the latest addition to Star Micronics' robust line of printers. Built specifically to work in environments where heat and humidity can erode the type on the kitchen order, the SP700 is an ideal solution. This fast, two-color printer offers crisp, easy to read type for quick viewing, clamshell design for easy paper loading and an embedded power supply for space efficiency.

The SP700 was designed to make installation, utilization and maintenance as easy as possible for any user. The SP700 is ready to be used right "out-of-the-box." A CD with WHQL XP®, 2K®, Vista® drivers, Linux and Mac® OSX drivers and documentation is included with the printer, making it ready for operation immediately after purchase.

Extended Warranties

SWAP-A-STAR Highlights

"Lightning fast" replacement printer program for maximum business productivity

? Star replacement printer sent next business day after service request

? Replacement support available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm (EST)

? Paid shipping for warranted printer

? Available to U.S. and Canada customers

EXTEND-A-STAR Highlights

? Bumper to bumper warranty

? Simple online product registration

? Prompt and reliable repair turnovers from Star?s Authorized Service Centers (72 hours estimated time of repair)

? Available in U.S. and Canada

? Service Specialists available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm (EST)

Feature: 6.29" x 9.65" x 5.98"
Questions & Answers
Questions about this item? Be the first to ask here. Questions about this item? Be the first to ask here.

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