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You may ask yourself why I would use a thermal printer vs. an impact printer. There are several attributes to consider when comparing thermal vs impact. Here are a few:

  • Thermal
    • Utilizes thermal print head to trigger chemical reaction
    • Less moving parts promotes a more reliable product
    • Quite operation perfect for front of house application
    • Thermal paper does not require printer ink or ribbon
  • Impact
    • Perfect for tough kitchen or bar environments
    • Not sensitive to hot commercial kitchen atmosphere
    • Noisy print head strikes ribbon/paper which is the perfect trigger to notify your kitchen or bar staff that they have a new order that needs attention

As a rule of thumb, most front of house printers tend to be from the thermal family because they are reliable and quiet. While back of house and certain bar prep (operational preference) printers tend to be impact because they are not heat sensitive and the noise they produce is ideal for notifying staff of an order that needs attention.

Thermal Printer
Thermal Printer
Impact Printer
Impact Printer

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