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Lavu Local Server

Lavu Local Server is a Mac Mini based in-house that you can utilize to continue your daily operation with or without the internet connection. Rather than sending communications directly to POSLavu remote cloud servers you would be running the POSLavu software directly off your own local server which, in-turn syncs regularly with POSLavu cloud servers when an Internet connection is available so your reporting can still accurate in near real-time.

*Credit card transactions can not be run in POSLavu when an Internet connection is not available with or without a Lavu Local Server and card data is not stored in the LLS.

** Lavu local server installation takes a minimum of a few hours and up to a full day.  Installation must be coordinated through Lavu support and may require an appointment.  To ensure Lavu local server installation is installed within your ideal time frame always schedule an installation appointment well in advance.

Customers using the Lavu Local Server benefit by having:
• Fail-safe backup to ensure non-credit card orders are always processed regardless of Internet connection.
• Independence from your slow or inconsistent Internet connection because your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) occasionally drops your internet connection.
• A layer of security against the nature of cloud computing which is inherently at the mercy of your internet connections stability and speed.
• Print Q allows the Mac Mini to function as a print server that will queue print jobs to ensure each ticket is sent to the printer before the next is sent.
How much does it cost?

Current Lavu Silver account holders:

  • • Not available.  Must upgrade to gold or platinum license

Current Lavu Gold account holders:

• Adjusted monthly hosting to $149.00/month.

Current Lavu Platinum account holders:

• No monthly hosting adjustment.
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