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How do I put my Epson smart printer into recovery mode?
 1/5/2015  by  Zephyr Support
  • Turn printer off
  • With the end of a paper clip or tip of a pen press in and hold button above the power supply connector for DC 5V.

  • While still pressing button in turn the printer on.
  • The LED indicator light next to the button on the back of printer will come on (the color is orange), when it turns off, let go of button.
  • The printer will begin its recovery mode process.
    • Connected USB devices will turn off and on indicated by the LED light cycling and a beep of each.
    • You may also hear a clicking mechanism within the printer.
  • A printer out stating “UPDATER RUNNING DO NOT REBOOT” will print out at some point during process. Followed by a confirmation print out stating “Pre Install Scripts Successful. Main Install Scripts Running. UPDATE FINISHED”.
  • Leave to printer on as it communicates with Lavu servers for an update of the firmware version. This process can take 5-10 minutes.

  • If after 10 minutes the printer still has not printed out the Updater information as indicated above, start the process over.
< How do I navigate the Lavu KDS Pro?  |  How Do I Setup My Epson Impact Dot Matrix Printer Model TM-U220B >

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