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How do I navigate the Lavu KDS Pro?
 2/11/2015  by  Zephyr Support
  • Use the directional arrows to navigate within a page
  • The "Bump Item" button will change the color of an item within a ticket
    • You would need to use the directional arrows to 'highlight' the item, then press the bump item button
    • Pressing the bump item button will change the item color.  The business operator would be the best person to determine the meaning of each color.  The colors are white, purple and green.
      • Many customers designate purple for 'working' and green for 'done'
      • When all items on a check are 'done' you can bump the ticket.
  • The "Bump Ticket" button will move the ticket from the active order list to the order history list
    • A ticket is bumped when it is complete
    • A history of bumped tickets will begin on page 1, and then populate all remaining pages over time
  • The number buttons will bring up the history pages, or the active orders page
    • "0" is the active orders page
    • "1-9" will bring up the bumped tickets history
    • If your total number of active orders exceeds the space that is alloted on page 0, the overflow orders will appear on subsequent pages, 1, 2 and so forth until all orders are shown
  • The "Menu" button is used for several features:
    • Press it once to bring up the layout choices
      • Use the directional arrows to navigate
      • The bump item button is used to select a layout
      • The bump ticket button will exit this feature
    • Press it twice to bring up the printer mapping section
      • This is where you would set up additional KDS Pro devices, or change your settings of your existing KDS Pro
    • Press it three times to exit back to the KDS main screen
< How do I get the IP address from my Epson printer?  |  How do I put my Epson smart printer into recovery mode? >

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