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Heckler WindFall Automatic Cash Drawer
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Heckler WindFall Automatic Cash Drawer

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The Heckler WindFall automatic cash drawer is a great start for what you would need for this slick take on a cash register.  Sleek, compact and feature packed is the best way to describe the WindFall cash drawer.

Cash Drawer dimensions: 11.8" W x 8.4: D x 4" H

Heckler WindFall Automatic Cash Drawer Box Set Includes:
  • WindFall Cash Drawer (Automatic)
  • One Pair of WindFall Tills
  • Drawer-Kick Cable for Star Micronics Receipt Printers
  • Drawer-Kick Cable for Epson Receipt Printers
  • Two Manual Override Keys
  • Counter-Top Mounting Screws (optional installation)
  • Under-Counter Mounting Screws (optional installation)
  • PivotTable for WindFall Cash Drawer

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