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APC Battery backup
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APC Battery backup

A battery backup is highly recommended for all Lavu controllers and Mac Mini's.
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A battery backup his highly recommended for all Lavu controllers and mac mini users. Connect each device into an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to avoid damage to your valuable equipment. Without this piece of equipment you run the risk of damaging each piece of equipment. In the event of a power outage or surge the UPS will allow your equipment to keep power for a few minutes. Just enough time for you to properly shut down the equipment before the battery depletes.

You may be asking how long will this UPS provide power in the event of an outage.  The answer is directly related to how many watts the connected equipment requires.  Here are some estimates:

120v @ 50 Watts16 min55 min1 hr 1 min
120v @ 100 Watts6 min22 min27 min
120v @ 200 Watts1 min6 min9 min
120v @ 300 Watts

3 min

The objective of a UPS is to allow you enough time to properly shut down your connected devices in the case of a power outage.  It is not necessarily to provide enough energy to keep your connected devices powered for a prolonged period of time.  While there are UPS devices that can provide prolonged backup power they are large and quite expensive.

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